Day Forty Three: Gardner to Maringup

7/10: It bucketed down for awhile there during the night. Unsure if it was heavy rain or just sounded heavy on the shelter roof. Being inside the tent felt cosy, much more warmer with our own privacy. Deb is always up first in the morning, gets out of her tent, goes into the shelter to get her food bag & starts making her coffee. Ambles alarm already went off at 5am, however he didn’t move, was enjoying an extra lay in which he normally doesn’t. Had to poke him to get some movement! We all packed up, the tent didn’t take too long to pack, however Ambles was slow getting ready as I waited for him ready to go backpack on, while Deb waited for Mel. Spotted a leaping spider orchid on the way out & further up the track those warty hammer orchids. Tiny little things, took me so long to get my stupid camera app to take a photo. All the phone camera apps were not focusing on my subject making me irritable as Birdman strode pass. His thing is Birds & mine is flowers. Caught up & passed him, then he leapfrogged me again commenting that there is no bears here questioning me on my bell. Must have been upsetting his subjects. That & my backpack was extra squeaky today. You know when you get that instant dislike for some people…….😆got to a large swamp puddle covering the entire track & well off it on the sides which you had to wade through, Birdman decided I could go first so he can gauge how deep the water is. Emerged on the other side to Ambles complaining about waiting for me to catch up. Mr fast pants has no patience now.😂Our boots & socks were sodden wet & heavy now as we continued along. I tried to take more photos of orchids again with my useless phone camera apps while mozzies tried to feast on me so Ambles had fast tracked again & after him saying we will walk together now, decided not to wait for me & go. Thanks to my useless camera phone apps, I had to walk alone the rest of the way, including 6 more swamp puddles to wade through, one was so deep the water came up to the bottom of my shorts. And my boots were all sodden with water again. Saw another tiger snake – a big one on the side of the track. Wasn’t even warm, today was cool & overcast.

Got to Lake Maringup at 11.30am, was an easy 18km day & made it there in good time. Ambles was preparing noodles for himself, trying to boil water over a fuel stove that wasn’t lit, 😂Deb & Mel were drying out their tents, boots & socks. Great spot with the Lake right out the front. The shelter was rebuilt after a tree fell landing on the roof on New Year’s Day 2001. Was freezing cold but, the winds were coming from the ocean 2kms away, which I couldn’t hear the ocean over the winds. But we are so close now to seeing the ocean! The lakes water was warm but was congested with water reeds, bushes  & trees making it unappealing to really go out for a swim, plus you would freeze once you came out of the water back into that cold gusts of wind. We have our tent up in the shelter but don’t think it will be much warmer inside it, we are inside the cold wind tunnel coming up from the lake. Ambles got the campfire going early so we could try to dry socks & boots. Yep, aren’t gonna happen, will be putting on wet boots in the morning. Birdman & Daisyfish blew in for lunch & both decided to hike a further 8 odd kms & free camp somewhere for the night. Daisyfish wanted to lessen tomorrow’s long 25km day. Ambles wanted to do the same but I was like – Hell to the no! I was looking forward to staying at this campsite in particular. The Bibbulmun tracks Jewel Campsite, which we were lucky to make as often in wintertime or heavy rains, the track is diverted away from this campsite because the river has risen above the track. Ray & Drew came in later as Ray smug faced, said he had avoided getting his boots wet by walking the long way around each puddle hence it took him longer to get here. It’s surprising how quickly you can go off some people?!😆The winds blew all afternoon, getting stronger & blowing stuff away not tied down. If Windy Habour, close by, is like this then I don’t need to go there!

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Someone has kindly donated a Uke with a tuner that Ambles seized the opportunity to play some music but not much considering he hasn’t been playing an instrument at all in weeks. Ambles was drying his socks by the fire – a bit too close, burning a reasonable unfixable hole through one of the socks toe ends- oops😂. A happy faced smiling Adrian from the UK turned up late afternoon, thur hiking the opposite way to Kalamunda. At this time of year, you don’t get Nobo’s only the occasional one. Everyone hikes Sobo Springtime. Adrian has a ravenous appetite, the opposite to Ambles. We all enjoyed his company over dinner at the picnic table. Another quiet one as everyone tootles off to bed before the sun goes down. A second last campfire…..already missing them.😕

Snake sightings: Ambles 2, Rose 3.


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We are keen hikers based in Perth, Western Australia. We have hiked 7 New Zealand multi-day walk trails, the 800km Camino Frances in Spain, the Cape to Cape in WA, Mount Kinabalu in Borneo, Malaysia. We have hiked sections of the 1003 km Bibbulmun Track in WA with plans to complete an end to end this year in Spring, 2019.

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