Day Thirty Seven & Eight: Pemberton rest days

Our first night in the hotel we couldn’t get much sleep. Some couple in a near by room were getting it on big time. It went on for so long we wondered if it was a couple having the best night of their life keeping everyone awake with their pleasurable moans, groans, grunting & screams or if it was some dude playing a porno video loudly over & over. I managed some sleep but Ambles was hypersensitive to all these non – bush noises. Everything kept him awake. The electronic humming, the fridge making a constant loud gargling sound, the heater switching on & off loudly, a dog barking outside & cars going pass on the road.


Ambles was looking tired & sick as we had breakfast joined with John, Lindsay, Geoff & Lisa. I finished off the clothes washing. Ambles went shopping in the general store & pharmacy bumping into Deb whom was waiting for Mel outside the Podiatry centre. We went looking for lunch but there isn’t much in Pemberton. Was feeling tired walking up & down the street! The ladies in the visitor centre were lovely recommending places to eat. One of the ladies has a really deep, like a mans voice. So for lunch Ambles had a huge main meal of Marron, chips & veggies but couldn’t finish it. I had a hamburger & we were joined by John & Lindsay as they are staying at the Pemberton Hotel as well. John went to the hairdressers & got his hair buzz cut short. Geoff & Lisa had walked back out onto the track after Geoff got his hair done. We didn’t see Daisyfish leave as she stayed further down the street at the YHA.


Deb & I had planned to climb the Gloucester tree that afternoon so I trotted up to their motel room, more quiet where they are & right next to the Bibbulmun track. Mel was in happy spirits as the podiatrist told her to keep strapping her foot, she is on the right track & no reason why she can’t continue onto Albany. So very pleasing😊. It was a 6km return walk for me as we walked along the Bibbulmun track south that goes right pass the tree. The Gloucester tree, an old fire lookout, stands 53 metres tall, with metal rungs that spiral up the tree to a wooden platform. There were lots of tourists around, some that braved climbing the tree, others that had a photo on the bottom rungs. Deb & I made easy work going up, taking photos &  going back down inside 30 minutes.


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The evening saw Deb, Mel, John & Lindsay & us back at the Pemberton pub for dinner. Only John & Lindsay had fish n chips from next door so ordered a sundae dessert each & joined us. That sundae dessert looked so good, we ordered one each to share after dinner. Deb was telling Ambles that he is losing too much weight & should make sure he is getting enough nutrients into his body as he is obviously burning more than he is putting in. I keep telling him to eat but he is still eating small & not finishing his meals. John & Lindsay left but us four stayed longer, had 2 bottles of wine between us, then Ambles got us all a nightcap each of the finest port! Some cute older French guy was sweet talking to Deb & Mel, his wife quickly escorted him out the door! Poor guy, all he wanted was a sundae ice cream & no one wanted to share one with him😂. Yep, went up to the room into bed where I quickly passed out in the land of nod😆.


Our second full rest day started with my parents arriving with our food resupply box. It was after 7am, so we all sat down for breakfast first joining John & Lindsay having their breakfast before they leave today. My parents shuttled our next box down to Northcliffe while we organised what we needed & didn’t. My new Sawyer filter had arrived plus my new Luci solar inflatable light! Exciting 😁. Upon their return at my request we went to the famous Lavender & Berry Farm to try their infamous Berry pancakes. It was only early but they already were busy with a long wait on the pancakes. That just wasn’t good enough! So we waited 40 odd minutes for these pancakes anyway. I would rate them 3/5. They were a generous size & yummy, but wouldn’t say they were amazing & worth the long wait! Lucky we had booked our 3rd night as the Hotel is fully booked tonight 😁.


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Ambles went in to see the doctor as Mel told him it would be a very wise idea to see the doctor about his cold & make sure he hasn’t got anything sinister or needing antibiotics for. The doctor don’t know what he has, doesn’t want to prescribe him antibiotics so gave him something for the throat & told him to rest, including not  walking tomorrow. But we want to get moving again so we will leave early & take it easy. I took another wander around the streets, visited the Crossing Bakery that has amazing cakes & assortments. They didn’t have much left but I got two sweets for us to enjoy on the track tomorrow 😊. Visited the Holy Smoke cafe that has a beautiful quiet garden setting with the sound of birds all around. Checked out certain places that are shown in the movie ‘Jasper Jones’, the filming took place here in Pemberton & is their little claim to fame. Then back to the pub for dinner tonight as the Treehouse Wine Bar & Tapas is closed today! They open Wednesday to Sunday normally. So disappointing. So many cafes & such have closed which is a shame. If I had to choose then Balingup is more nicer as everyone is so warm & friendly. Pemberton is a lovely town, so picturesque with its old cottages, tall trees, greenery, bird life, history & all that, but I don’t find it as warm & inviting. I did find the ladies at the visitor centre & Pemberton Hotel to be very friendly & helpful, but don’t get that vibe anywhere else. It has been great to finally visit here & I look forward to visiting Northcliffe for the first time. It is 31kms by car & 59kms on foot via the Bibbulmun track! It was only four of us remaining at the pub tonight, Deb, Mel & us, finding more out about each other. Mel says like she said the last two nights, “The salad bar is amazing! The best salad I have had on this trip!” As she goes back for seconds. Some random guy stopped to chat to us saying, “What is with all the puffer jackets?! Is there a sale on?” He went on about rich people & cars before walking away. Very random!😂 And another nightcap of Port for me & Mel, Baileys for Deb & Ambles should see us all get a good nights sleep before the walk tomorrow!


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We are keen hikers based in Perth, Western Australia. We have hiked 7 New Zealand multi-day walk trails, the 800km Camino Frances in Spain, the Cape to Cape in WA, Mount Kinabalu in Borneo, Malaysia. We have hiked sections of the 1003 km Bibbulmun Track in WA with plans to complete an end to end this year in Spring, 2019.

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