Day Thirty Two: DRV to Tom Road

26/9: Our bed was super cosy but sleep eluded us, more so for Ambles whom only got 2 hours sleep. More duck sounding frogs were going off all night. Generally after town day, everyone is slow to get moving again,enjoying a sleep in, later breakfast & more rest before setting off. But not Ambles unfortunately! He still wants to get up at 5am & get going ASAP! I’m awake at 5am, staying snuggled warm in bed until 6am before getting up. I can be very stubborn😆. Ambles heated himself up a pork & cider pie I got him from the general store. I just had porridge. We left at 7.30am, walking pass the cottages & school bunkhouse. It was pretty quiet, one guy was feeding the Emus & we only saw John moving about on the veranda of the old school.


Today saw an easy 16km walk mostly flat through the first half, walking now amongst the tall trees, though Jarrah & then into magnificent Karri Forest. Again there had been a recent controlled burn through this whole 16km section maybe more than 3 odd months ago as there was some green foliage coming back. Hardly any wildflowers. You already know my opinion on the matter! The Mundi Biddi & Bibbulmun start crossing over & at times share a part of the track. Lucky for us there were no cyclists baring down at us. We were back to our normal speeds, sometimes Ambles was in front, sometimes me. I was taking it nice & easy. My left cankle was so swollen & sore from yesterday after pushing it too hard, it was kind of like resting it today but not resting it. Still managed to get more scratches on my right leg this time from branches coming up & slicing my skin. A few curses here & there. The weather was cool, overcast & twice tried to rain but only drizzled slightly.


We arrived just shy of 12pm at the Shelter, that came up unexpectedly quick. Our trail magic had arrived with another 4 days of food to unlighten my load plus my new sleeping bag liner. I had managed to rip my silk liner a bit so happy to swap them out. Hopefully my new sea to summit thermolite liner keeps me warmer on those chilly nights. We organised ourselves & lunch. Another gem of a spot with the river right outside the front of the shelter. A permanent peaceful swimming hole, lovely on a warm day. Unfortunately after stopping, the temperature dropped, became quite cold & I felt dog tired, yawning so much I hopped into my sleeping bag for some afternoon rest. Ambles had the same idea to get an afternoon snooze in.


Everyone else rolled in gradually after their late morning starts. Deb & Mel as predicted were next in, as they walk very fast & left after 9.30am. Then Daisyfish, John & Lindsay with Geoff & Lisa bringing up the rear. Lucky they all got in before it started to rain more heavily. There’s already a firewood storage area containing heaps of firewood & a big axe to cut them up. Ambles didn’t need his axe here! We heard a loud BANG! Thought a tree branch had come down close by, was only Daisyfish closing the toilet door😁.


After the rain stopped & a hot chocolate, Ambles easily got a campfire going as we all hovered around the warmth sharing stories & laughs. Enjoying these campfires while we have them. Tomorrow this shelter will have a group of 17, lucky we are moving on, though Ambles likes this spot for staying a few days fishing…😆

Ambles said to everyone that he reckoned someone would turn up late. He had this feeling. But he was wrong. Even when the kookaburras starting laughing on dusk, he goes, “There’s someone coming! They laugh when someone is coming!” But it was their final laugh before bed. No one else showed up.


What’s in the box with the trail log book & red book here? Besides the usual Bibb flyers & plants list, a bible & maths puzzle book in case you were bored😏.


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We are keen hikers based in Perth, Western Australia. We have hiked 7 New Zealand multi-day walk trails, the 800km Camino Frances in Spain, the Cape to Cape in WA, Mount Kinabalu in Borneo, Malaysia. We have hiked sections of the 1003 km Bibbulmun Track in WA with plans to complete an end to end this year in Spring, 2019.

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