Day Fifteen – Rest Day

We had a lovely rest day, time to recharge our batteries, sort out our gear. Couldn’t sleep well at all, not use to a normal bed! Everything aches more when you stop hiking. We headed off for breakfast at the Blue Wren Cafe with a ‘hiker hobble’ walk. While sitting by the glorious little wood fireplace, Mel & Deb came in for breakfast before heading back out on the track. Ambles went back for takeaway coffee after we had returned to our room & saw Veronique there. She was waiting for the Visitors Centre to open. One of the workers was going to find a blanket for her as she didn’t pack for cold nights. She thought it was going to be warm so she had been cold every night in her tired old sleeping bag. Daisyfish gave her tent fly for Veronique to borrow to help retain some warmth. And Veronique now had to leave it for Daisyfish to collect. Seems Veronique relies on the kind giving nature of everyone else to supply her with hot water & such while she carries minimal gear. She did say because of her age she can’t carry a heavy pack so to do the Bibbulmun, she had to keep her weight right down.


We aired out our stuff, the Pub washed & dried our clothes & sleeping liners for only $20 so thought that was pretty good.  Daisyfish romped it in from Chadoora arriving at 11am. We joined Derek’s brother John & Kate for a beer & lunch at the Blue Wren Cafe where I highly recommend the BLT. Daisyfish joined us at the table with a lot to say! Then John offered Ambles to take some of his heavy gear out & hide it on the track so Ambles can carry a light backpack half way, then collect his wine, stove, sleeping bag & such for the last 7kms to Camp.

We enjoyed more rest before dinner. I grabbed a few extras from the IGA including some Heat cream for my pained knee. It is still sore & tender unfortunately. Back at the Dwelly Pub for a chicken parmigiana where Daisyfish, Dave & Jayn joined us. Again Ambles Axe was the talk around the table, & now also his big knife as he decided to take it back from Kerry, as he changed his mind & needed it for some purpose. Now I’m sure there will be hot talk about a thur hiker carrying an Axe & Dagger with a lost woman in green shorts spreading down the track😂😂😂!


Tomorrow is a short day of 13kms after our breakfast at the Blue Wren Cafe! As there is no phone signal through most of this 128km section, the next update is probably a week away. Time to disconnect from civilisation again….


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We are keen hikers based in Perth, Western Australia. We have hiked 7 New Zealand multi-day walk trails, the 800km Camino Frances in Spain, the Cape to Cape in WA, Mount Kinabalu in Borneo, Malaysia. We have hiked sections of the 1003 km Bibbulmun Track in WA with plans to complete an end to end this year in Spring, 2019.

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