Day Fifty Eight: Denmark Zero Day

My body thanked me for a Zero day. Didn’t even get out of bed for breakfast until 8am! Annie cooked us waffles with cream & fresh fruit. Plus egg on toast with avocado. Talk about getting spoiled! Clothes all got washed, re sorted the backpacks & ditched stuff out for Tim to take we no longer need. Organised 5 days of food for our final leg of the journey. Rested in bed a lot. Jacko put on some you tube hiking videos to watch & we had a simple light lunch. Today I weigh the same, guess I’ve lost fat weight but gained muscle weight. Ambles has lost 10kgs, now lighter than me at 64kgs.


Jacko dropped us in town after 3pm. It was off to the Bibbulmun Cafe for a coffee, IGA to get food & drink. And Ambles went off to the local barbershop to get a haircut. Pleased with his new hairdo, we set off to the pub. The lovely bartender lady says she can make us Cocktails so we have a Cocktail each to start with. Tim & Jules join us followed by the birthday girl Deb & Mel. Everyone is impressed by the new haircut on Ambles. I think he looks too smart to be a bush feral now!😁 Dinner is lip smacking good as I settle for Steak. Ambles can’t finish his Beef & Ribs. We go for dessert as well – why not?! Was a really nice evening at dinner, likes of chatting, sharing stories & laughter. Jacko picks us up too soon to take us back. We finish packing our backpacks & in bed late again. My feet feel better already  & my shoulders but tomorrow that won’t last long. Five more walking days until we reach Albany – at long last!





About the author AmblingRose

We are keen hikers based in Perth, Western Australia. We have hiked 7 New Zealand multi-day walk trails, the 800km Camino Frances in Spain, the Cape to Cape in WA, Mount Kinabalu in Borneo, Malaysia. We have hiked sections of the 1003 km Bibbulmun Track in WA with plans to complete an end to end this year in Spring, 2019.

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