Day Forty Nine & Fifty: Walpole Zero Days

More Zero days. Really needed those. The first day I was still unwell, appetite diminished. Couldn’t sleep well at all, my feet kept hurting every time I had to roll over. Had a day of resting with feet up mostly in bed. Rained on & off outside so happy not to be walking. The Cafe / Bakery here opens at 7am, had breakfast scones jam & cream, went back later for a meat pie. Hardly felt like eating, again so unlike me! Finished reading my book while completing laundry duties. Ambles had planned to go fishing but decided to stay inside watching the rain. The town was pretty quiet, only the pub, IGA & Cafe / Bakery was open. A guy rushed into the IGA while we were there telling the staff there had been a terrible car accident & the ambulance needed calling. Found out later a child called Max had been injured in the car accident & flown to Perth Hospital. We met up with Deb, Mel & Daisyfish for dinner over at the pub, it was the only place open for dinner so the restaurant was booked out. However Ambles managed to sweet talk the waitress into getting a table for us. Daisyfish arrived in Walpole same day as us & didn’t stay at Mt Clare. Got there early & found the shelter cold with no views & decided to just continue into town, which was a good decision. She has developed an infected huge blister on her heel Sunday morning so waiting to see the doctors tomorrow. Our meals were delicious, the wine flowed well & freely, some of us were getting tipsy😂😂. Elbow & Drew came in with their bush walking group as they head off the next morning we said our goodbyes.

Today was another relaxing day, feeling more better, my feet not hurting. Got a good nights sleep. Enjoyed an early morning spa bath before my parents came with our re supply. We organised our Peaceful Bay & Denmark boxes, as they were dropping them off this morning. Next time we see them will be in Albany🤞. Got me a new book to read called Bewildered – a lady thur hiking NZ’s 3000km Te Araroa trail just to give me more ideas 😂😆😂. Today we were joining Deb & Mel on the WOW boat cruise in the Walpole & Nornalup Inlets, however Mel stayed back not wanting to walk any extra mileage due to her foot issues. The cruise was highly entertaining with a very eccentric Garry, knew so much about the history of the area & really loves Walpole. He was hilariously funny & couldn’t sit still for a second as we went pass Rest Point Caravan Park up to the Inlet mouth where it meets the ocean – The Pacific Ocean water comes into Nornalup Inlet we learnt. Then we did a short walk where Ambles stayed back by the boat, over to a beach & back. Everything that goes in the ocean seems to end up washed up on the shores around here. We were picking up bits of plastic & netting washed up on the beach that have come from Perth or even an overseas country. Today was another wet raining day, we had timed our zero days well as the sun comes out tomorrow. Mel was staying in their hotel room all day & having dinner at their pub not keen on walking far. We wanted a change & ended up going for Thai at our restaurant, Monday nights being Thai buffet special. Felt like a change from the pub food, we had fish n chips for lunch at the pub earlier. Ambles decided not to go fishing again after carrying his fishing rod & bait onto the boat cruise, to the pub then back to our room! He wanted to pack his backpack, if it is all too heavy, then the goon bag was going! Luckily the goon bag is alright & heading out to Frankland River along with the fishing rod & bait tomorrow. 😆

Caught up with Daisyfish where the news was all bad. Had her infected blister lanced, cleaned up & bandaged with a course dose of Antibiotics. Strongly advised not to continue walking. May be alright in a week but Daisyfish has called it an end (for now) on her journey to Albany. Heading home tomorrow. I felt so sad for her & will miss us all reaching Albany together. But she has done an amazing job of making it here to Walpole, not many people can say they have done what we all have done so far. We will miss her on the track but it’s not over as I said, the Bibbulmun is not going anywhere, & when she is ready, can come back & finish this last section to Albany & ring that finishing bell! We joined Daisyfish for our last meal together in the restaurant. Ambles sweet talked as he does so well, asking the lovely lady there for 3 scoops of ice cream. Not normal menu tonight so not allowed. Batted his eyelashes & got his vanilla ice cream 😆. And afterwards one more spa bath….for good measure before we head back out again for probably the toughest part of this walk to come!


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We are keen hikers based in Perth, Western Australia. We have hiked 7 New Zealand multi-day walk trails, the 800km Camino Frances in Spain, the Cape to Cape in WA, Mount Kinabalu in Borneo, Malaysia. We have hiked sections of the 1003 km Bibbulmun Track in WA with plans to complete an end to end this year in Spring, 2019.

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