Day Four: Waalegh to Beraking

It was wonderful having Waalegh Campsite all to ourselves. We could burp, fart, snore much as we want, strip off & give ourselves a good all over body towel wash in the open air. In fact, Ambles snored & so had I during the night. Must have been exhausted. It had been a warm night, I didn’t need my thermals in my sleeping bag. Rain was on the forecast as we had breakfast, packed up & set off a bit later at 8.15am. Ambles had managed to spill almost the remainder of our fuel for cooking yesterday when he thought he had put the lid back on but hadn’t. He noticed quickly after putting it in his front pouch pocket luckily saved a small amount we hope is enough for cooking until we get our resupply tomorrow. Ambles front pouch pocket smells of methylated spirits. 😁 I know they have relocated the toilet, can’t fool me! Now it’s right by the Bibbulmun Track so you can duck in without going to the Shelter. The convenience of it! Still a long way from the campsite. But the old one use to be Half a kilometre up some narrow overgrown goat trail. Use to get jabbed & poked by all the bushes.


Today was a pretty easy 8.6kms, but was a little struggle as I was feeling weary after yesterday. Ambles was trying one of my dome pads in his shoe for his foot problem. He was feeling quite concerned about that & his left knee. I had been lucky so far with small niggling pains here & there that were more an annoyance than painful. I had acquired a few mozzie bite swellings on my feet & ankles & my normal red splotchy rash was making a comeback on my lower legs.


The Track didn’t contain any real highlights. Some lovely spring flowers & a lot of blowdowns. Lots of storms must come through here as there were so many fallen down trees across the tracks. It started to rain a couple of times so out came the umbrellas. What a difference today was to yesterday. We haven’t seen a soul out here, we feel like the only humans in this bush world. I spooked a kangaroo that was under a log. The first lot of kangaroos I saw was on the second day. Ambles was like, “I haven’t seen anything at all! Not an Emu or a Kangaroo!” Well I have been spooking them off before he comes through!


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Beraking again is on top of a hill, this shelter is totally exposed to the elements. In fact, we have been here before in a storm. We got in & before we knew it a cold font came in, gusty winds & rain blowing right into the Shelter. The only table undercover quickly got soaked. We cowered right at the back of the Shelter where the rain couldn’t reach us. The winds blowing our stuff trying to dry all over the place. The idea of a campfire out of the question today!


With little fuel left, Ambles was reluctant to boil water for a hot cuppa. We may run out & have to eat cold rehydrated Ranch Pasta tonight. I was feeling cold & in need of a good hot chocolate drink to warm me up. Ambles came up with a fantastic idea & managed to boil water on top of solid fuel he had, using a used Red Bull can someone thoughtfully left behind for us under the solid fuel in his Trangia cooking pot. It worked a treat! We enjoyed our hot substance drinks with delight. Then Ambles went through his first aid / medicine bags, already putting aside stuff to offload to reduce his weight. 😂 There were 8 people here last night, we will see if anyone turns up this afternoon. I reckon the best idea is to snuggle up in the sleeping bag, read a book & watch this gnarly weather from a comfortable spot! 🙂 Unfortunately we drank most of the red wine & only have half a cup each left if that! Ambles is like, “Well, we can’t get a drone delivery out here in this weather!”


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We are keen hikers based in Perth, Western Australia. We have hiked 7 New Zealand multi-day walk trails, the 800km Camino Frances in Spain, the Cape to Cape in WA, Mount Kinabalu in Borneo, Malaysia. We have hiked sections of the 1003 km Bibbulmun Track in WA with plans to complete an end to end this year in Spring, 2019.

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