Prevelly to Contos Campgrounds – Day Seven

Mr D was true to his word & left his book behind. It only weighed probably 500gms! We were up early & reluctantly leaving our cosy villa at an early 7.15am start. The day started off overcast & cool – a pleasant day for a hike! The track followed up & inland, right around the village of Prevelly & Gnarabup before heading back west towards the coast. There we were to take the 300+ steps down to Boodjidup Brook. Mr D counted them & said, “There is less than 300 steps! I counted! The book is wrong!” One woman was walking her dog called Mango down the steps. When she reached the bottom, she said to Mr D, “Well I guess I will go back up now!” And off she went, just a normal daily walk for her. The brook was nestled into a lovely shady spot with a table. Mr D called it another good camping spot! The pretty white Lily plants were also coming up here. The C2C managers hate these weed plants as they take over other plants. In the C2C bible book they insist walkers collect these lily heads to limit more seeds being dropped into the earth to sprout more. I can see walkers shoving a handful of lily plants into their backpacks as they go along 🤔. The brook wasn’t flowing so the water at the bridge looked terribly stagnant & disgusting. You certainly wouldn’t go for a refreshing dip in there!

On we ploughed through the sand dunes following the brook out to the ocean, the clouds had gone & the day was fast becoming warm again. We had an unpleasant 2km walk along the beach in soft mooshy sand. High tide was coming in & we had to avoid getting our boots splashed. It is hard to move quickly out the way when ones boots sink a foot into the sand, weighed down by heavy backpacks. I took the lead, using my poles to help me plough through, Mr D falling further & further behind. That 2km stretch exhausted us completely as we got to the end. I waited as the track sign markers were non existent as to where to exit the beach. When Mr D caught up, he asked a young lady sunbaking on the rocks reading her book. We later were to find out her name is Claire & she was waiting for her partner whom is hiking the track as well. So we scrambled up some dodgy limestone jagged rocks & over, falling back down to the carpark. There we went straight back on the beach again! This one called Redgate beach where all the Sunday tourists were out, suntanning & dipping their feet in the water. It was only a short stroll to the other side & the sand firm & easy to walk on. The water looked so inviting as I was sweating away, still feeling wiped out.

We dropped into a lovely thicket of tea trees. Another nice camping spot minus the water supply. A group of school kids were coming through in 2 days to camp there actually. Water drums were going to be carried in for them. We could of stopped for lunch but decided to press on, walking along a 4WD track on top of the cliffs, passing a few other day hikers. I was getting hungry, we were making lunch too late. By about 1pm, we had to scramble down a rocky cliff using a long chain rope that had been put there for walkers to use. We entered Bobs Hollow at the bottom, finding a nice shady spot on some rocks looking at the beach & watching the waves coming in. Jordan passed through not seeing us, the hiker with the red backpack whom we were to meet later & whom we noticed at Prevelly Cafe yesterday. We enjoyed ham & cheese bread buns that I had resupplied on at the Prevelly General store, washed down with a good ole cuppa.

Feeling recharged, we set off again with 3.5kms left to Contos Campgrounds. My hips were sore again, my backpack rubbing at the sore chafed spots making for unpleasant walking. What goes down must go up! We followed the path back up the cliffs, going pass Bobs Hollow Grotto, a huge limestone overhang little cave with warning signs not to linger inside or camp! So we passed through noting other small limestone caves further along the cliff faces. Once on top, the track followed the cliff, weaving in & out up & down & forever it seemed. Mr D was well & truly lagging behind, he was getting tired & stubbing the front of his boots on rocks strewn all over the path like an obstacle course. The views along this section, the bible book says, are the most spectacular along the whole track. That they are grand with the cliffs, the ocean, views right along north & southwards.

But we were tired, my feet were hurting. My hips sore with every step I took, the backpack rubbed like sandpaper against my skin through my top. It was a relief to finally veer away from the ocean, head inland & cross Contos Road. There it was only half a kilometre to the Campgrounds. We had not stayed here before only driven in once years ago, but all day, Mr D for some reason thought we could get an onsite Caravan or something. There would be a shop where he could buy a couple of steaks, throw them on the barbie for dinner. So he was looking forward to this, & a bottle of cold beer he could also buy. Contos Campgrounds is just that, a big area of small areas for tents, Caravans or camper vans that you BRING. All there is are drop toilets, BBQs & outside kitchen sinks with water supply. Mr D’s face fell. Jordan & his partner Claire were already there in her red car. She was the lady Mr D spoke to down on the beach earlier today while she was waiting for Jordan to come through. Claire told us where the reception was so we headed over. The building was locked with no one there. Instructions on the door said to hook up to the Wifi right there as unavailable anywhere else in the Campgrounds & book our site. It cost $22 for us both. Then we just had to head back where Jordan & Claire were in the tent only camping section & select our spot.

It was now close to 4pm as we quickly set up the tent & sleeping beds. Claire & Jordan came over to introduce themselves. Claire had two bottles of cider she offered to us along with ice cubes to put in our cups as the cider was semi cold. What lifesavers! That glorious refreshing cider tasted so good! Claire & Jordan had started the C2C together after leaving her car in Augusta at Cy’s place. Cy runs his own private taxi service & happily assists walkers on the track. So they were hiking along, a day behind us. When they got to Gracetown, Claire was in terrible pain with her knees & feet. She had to make the unfortunate decision to pull out. Jordan continues on his own while Claire after getting Cy to pick her up & collect her car, now follows Jordan as support crew. Meeting up along the way & waiting at the destination. She brings in pently of food & drink so it works out quite well for Jordan!

After our brief chat, we went about organising for tomorrow & having dinner. Well an annoying drizzle came down, just enough to make everything wet, so we grabbed our bowls of food & ate undercover on the outside kitchen bench. The 30% chance of rain had come through as forecasted. We finished off the goon bag of wine, there was only half a cup each left! It was 6.30pm & there wasn’t much else to do but join Claire & Jordan at their campfire. Here campfires are allowed & we had one too but Mr D was too tired to start one up. So we chatted around the campfire until 8.30pm! Too late for hikers we should be in bed by darkfall! Claire & Jordan work hard running their own fencing business in Mandurah. So they don’t often take holidays as when they do, they aren’t making any money. They are keen to ride the Mundi Biddi next as they can do that in 3 weeks. The bibbulmun is too long for them. Mr D had a secret stash of Honey Whiskey. Only 100mls. I got two sips of maybe 10mls out of it & he polished off the rest! We dreaded tomorrow as it was going to be a tough 22.5kms! Today’s walk was 20.2kms which had been long enough. There was only our two tents there. Not far away, there was a few Caravans. Contos is quiet this time of year but school holidays! You would be lucky to get a spot! We had wanted to stay at Point Road Campgrounds but it had no water supply. This spot was nice enough anyhow. And the company of Claire & Jordan made it more enjoyable.

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We are keen hikers based in Perth, Western Australia. We have hiked 7 New Zealand multi-day walk trails, the 800km Camino Frances in Spain, the Cape to Cape in WA, Mount Kinabalu in Borneo, Malaysia. We have hiked sections of the 1003 km Bibbulmun Track in WA with plans to complete an end to end this year in Spring, 2019.

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